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This is an excerpt from a chapter of an essay collection, Reflektionen (sic), in German. It deals with language (from a personal perspective). 


Poyln: Cleansed, desolated, mourned

This is an introduction to a planned photography book (with my photographs of Jewish heritage in Eastern Europe). See also My Poyln under Papers; or see Esays and Photography on Jewish Matters under Books.


This is an excerpt from a chapter of a planned collection of essays on Issues of Design and Planning. 


SichtWeisen (manuscript)

This (draft) collection of four essays (in German) covers (i) photography (On Photography (einmal mehr), (ii) the reception of the Holocaust (gelebter Holocaust ), (iii) economics (Episteme und Eigennutz) , and (iv) an epilog. A shortened version of the first essay has been published (in analog magazine). 


Ethnocentrism, Discrimination & Economics

With chapters (thus far) on Art and Attitude, Antisemitism, The Nazi Enigma, Historiography of the Holocaust, Identity Politics and Democracy, The Economics of Pandemics, Epilog

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