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I have photographed my entire life (almost), that is after I had received a Brownie camera as a gift on the occasion of my Bar Mizwah. Over time, I graduated from Brownie to other (analog) cameras: to Voigtländer Bessa, to Leica IIIf, to Nikon F, to Widelux, to Sinar F, to Cambo Wide, to a DIY (self-built) camera (of large format). I use an electronic camera (occasionally), but I do not call this photography (but digital documentation).
Included here are samples of my work that cover some of my portfolios (self-assigned, as well as assignments in Nigeria, Sénégal, Mauretania, Tanzania, Egypt, Iraq, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka). 
For a short description of my photographic training and work, please click here. For examples of my photographs contained in the Fotostiftung Schweiz (in Winterthur), click here

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