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Visual Expressions

In the development and culture of humans, textual expressions play a central — but perhaps also an inordinate — role. There are other forms of expression and communication: music, drawings, gestures, voice modulations — and intellectual growth should encompass those as well. 


Associated with this broader focus is presumably a proclivity for three-dimensional thinking: hence my initial focus on architecture. However, architecture left me wanting, and so I moved into sociology, and eventually into mathematical economics and planning. I have become a fan and proponent of structural thinking, particularly as it concerns the social sciences. 


One false dogma of educational development appears to tell that talent lets children develop along disparate paths. The result is the Two Cultures which C.P. Snow decried. In fact, we have more than just two cultures, we have several; we should attempt to bridge them, in a cross-disciplinary way; we should avoid an early concentration on an encyclopedic knowledge and should focus instead on instrumental knowledge, on structural thinking.   



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